Android, iOS & Web Apps for your Business

Unique, white-labelled apps for business that blend closely into your style & brand. Apps are cloud powered, high-quality, native, offline & serve dynamic data. You can manage the app from our easy-to-use Mobile App CMS console.

Quick and affordable - We develop your app from our pre-built and pre-tested components.

Example Apps

Mobile and Web Apps

e-commerce Apps

Build online shopping or home delivery app for your business, be it apparels, grocery or jewellery.

Business Process Apps

Make your business efficient. Co-ordinate between your staff, collect field data, or share information/catalog with distributors/vendors.

e-Learning Apps

Distribute educational content in various forms - Videos, PDFs, Images and more. Ideal for online learning solutions as well as training institutes.

Entertainment Apps

Bring together regional movies, music, talk shows, news and more to the right audience. Create or Curate content - Engage users.

Deals Apps

Be a shopping mall, brand or deals aggregator - you can communicate your daily deals to the consumers. Increase sales and store footfalls.

Events Apps

Announce Local events and do ticketing. Also ideal for conferences to help attendees track agenda, send feedback, see announcements and more.

Portfolio Apps

Showcase your portfolio in a beautiful app - Fashion Designers, Artists, Architects etc. Impress and generate leads.

Other Apps

And all other types of Apps - NGOs, Chefs, Recipes, Restaurants, Job listings, Market-Places and more

Example Apps

AzyApps Benefits

Experienced Company

AzyApps founders share 30 years of Software Product development experience between two of them. You are with a capable team.

Time Tested Code

We are powering several apps. Your app runs on a time-tested and stable code-base and well-designed cloud backend. Our apps run on multiple device makes.

App Store Compliant

Our app binary has gone through multiple App Store approval process and your app too can benefit from the compliant binaries.


With AzyApps, you have a low total cost of ownership. We give an all-inclusive package. Don't worry about App maintenance, servers, device testing etc.

Example Apps

All-in-one Development

Native App

Native Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) App on your brand.

Cloud Hosting

High quality, fast and geo-aware cloud hosting of your app data is built over professional Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Mobile App CMS

Easy to use Content Management System helps you update the app data/catalog without any technical background.

Example Apps

AzyApps Features

Unique App

Every app is unique, white-labelled and carries your brand, not ours.


Manage your app through our easy-to-use and self-serve CMS web console.

Dynamic Catalog

Easily change the content in the app using our self-serve CMS web console.

App Messages

Notify customers about new arrivals, offers, events etc.

User Actions

You can configure specific user actions like call, order/buy etc.


You control your tabs, grid/list views, large/small tiles, video/images and everything else.

Audience Segmenting

Segment your audience by interest. Send only relevant info.


Connect with third party providers like Youtube, Payment Gateways etc.

Example Apps

Why an App?

Mobile Customers

Acquire new customers from app stores. 50% of smartphone users use shopping apps. 25% of users install over 18 apps per month. 80% of media time is spent via apps.

Loyalty & Repeat Sales

New products, designs & offers delivered on-the-go to your loyal customers. Get repeat sales. Apps give you direct reach, unlike 6% social media reach.

Brand Recall

Brand logo on customer's mobile. One-click reach & continuous connect. Own your customers.

Website & Store Visits

Enhance customer engagement by timely app notifications resulting in more site visits and physical store footfalls.

Example Apps