Creating an app is painful

You need a high-skilled team to build a quality Android and iOS app. There should also be a scalable cloud backend for your app. So you are heading towards hiring a full-stack team.

Maintaining is even harder

Android and iOS Operating systems undergo constant change. Consumer behaviour too changes quickly. Gone are the days you can create an app and be done with it. It needs constant updates.

So we built AzyApps

Get managed Android, iOS and Web Apps

You pay the subscription fee.

All-inclusive pricing - Development, Cloud Hosting, Maintenance & CMS

Example Apps
Time Tested Code

We are powering several apps. Your app runs on a time-tested and stable code-base and well-designed cloud backend. Our apps run on multiple device makes.

App Store Compliant

Our app binary has gone through multiple App Store approval process and your app too can benefit from the compliant binaries.


With AzyApps, you have a low total cost of ownership. We give an all-inclusive package. Don't worry about App maintenance, servers, device testing etc.

Example Apps