Apps built on AzyApps

Seeing is believing

Browse though sample apps built on AzyApps and even try it on your device from App Stores. You can also preview your own app once we set it up for you.

Kids Video Learning App

You can build apps whose primary value is video consumption, whether it is public entertainment videos or enterprise training content. Videos can be organized into categories and sub-categories. You can also mix other forms of content say, text and images into the same app. AzyApps currently has integration with YouTube API (other video providers are there in the roadmap).

Fashion/E-commerce App

AzyApps can be used to build e-commerce apps. Smooth product Image slideshows give accurate representation to the consumer. The platform is aware of commerce specific properties like price, discounts, currency etc. Various presentation formats from minimalistic all-white styles to colourful celebrations are possible in the platform. You can define actions like Buy, Call, Website visits etc.

Grocery/Deals App

You can create apps focussed primarily on deals/offers on AzyApps. The platform is aware of MRP/Offer price properties. Such apps help in various business objectives like increasing physical stores footfalls, website visits, get enquiry calls etc. Platform also supports sending real-time push notifications to users, for eg. to announce a limited period sale offer.

Travel App

Travel information and travel commerce applications are possible on AzyApps. You can assemble a collection of text, images or video of travel destinations and present them effectively in the app. You can also list travel packages, hotels and more. Travellers can take specific actions like click-to-call for more details or initiate booking.

Interior/Arch App

AzyApps can present services offered, products sold and project progress for Real-estate, Interior Design or Product manufacturing segments. Architects can display and sell house plans and designs. You can even showcase your creations as a well categorised gallery of images and videos to attract new clients. Manufacturers can use the platform to build apps which helps to coordinate between dealers, staff and vendors.